Merino wool is the most natural
functional fiber "Tested by Nature"


Merino continues to gain ground as a natural and sustainable functional fiber in the outdoor sector, in functional underwear or simply as a natural comfort fiber. The versatile functions of wool cannot be replicated by any man-made fiber. Merino wool is the most versatile fiber, a multifunctional material and "Tested by Nature".

The functional yarn ACTIVE from Schoeller is particularly popular in the sports, outdoor, underwear and legwear sectors,
outdoor, underwear and legwear sectors.

Advantages of superfine ACTIVE Merino-Wool

Superfine merino wool

As a natural and sustainable functional fiber, superfine merino wool (16.5μ) is the most important component in ACTIVE.


ACTIVE effectively balances out temperature fluctuations in the body. Thanks to its thermoregulation function, wool keeps you warm in the cold and even when it is wet. When it's warm outside, wool keeps you cooler for longer if processed properly.


ACTIVE can be washed in the washing machine without any problems. (Wool wash program recommended)

Moisture regulation

ACTIVE superfine merino wool feels dry on the body even with 30% water absorption.

EU production

ACTIVE is a European quality product of the Schoeller Group. In addition to innovative quality products, strict ecological criteria, sustainability and compliance with high Central European social standards have top priority.


Due to the natural odor-inhibiting properties of Merino wool, ACTIVE does not require any chemical finishes. However, these finishes are very common in man-made fibers.