Tested by Nature.



Super-fine merino wool for great wear comfort.


Merino wool for natural thermoregulation.


Merino wool is the most natural functional fibre –
“tested by nature”

As a natural and sustainable functional fibre, merino wool is gathering momentum in the outdoor industry, in functional clothing and even simply as a natural comfort fibre. The various functions of wool cannot be recreated with any synthetic fibre. Merino wool is the single most multifaceted fibre, a multi-functional material and has been “tested by nature”.

Schoeller’s functional yarn ACTIVE has proven particularly successful in the fields of sport, outdoor, underwear and legwear.

Advantages of super-fine ACTIVE merino wool

Super-fine merino wool
As a natural and sustainable functional fibre, super-fine merino wool (16.5μ) is the most important component in ACTIVE.

ACTIVE effectively regulates fluctuations in body temperature. Due to its thermoregulating function, wool warms when cold, even if it gets wet. In the same way, when appropriately processed, wool will keep the wearer cool for longer when it’s warm outside.

Easy to care for
ACTIVE can easily be washed in a washing machine (wool cycle recommended).

Moisture regulation
Even after absorbing 30% moisture, ACTIVE super-fine merino wool still feels dry on the skin.

European yarn
ACTIVE is a European high-quality product from the Schoeller Spinning Group. In addition to innovative quality products, strict ecological criteria, sustainability and conformity to high Central European standards are of utmost priority.

Odour inhibiting
Thanks to the natural odour-inhibiting properties of merino wool, ACTIVE does not require chemical finishes. These finishes are very common amongst most synthetic fibres.

Extreme mountain climber Theo Fritsche with ACTIVE on Mount Everest

Theo Fritsche is one of the few mountain climbers to have climbed the “Seven Summits” – all without additional oxygen and by fair means. When doing so, he relied on Schoeller ACTIVE functional material – super-fine merino wool.

Seven Summits

• Carstensz Pyramide, Indonesia (4.884 m)
• Mount Vinson, Antarctica (4.892 m)
• Elbrus, Europe (5.642 m)
• Kilimandscharo, Africa (5.895 m)
• Mount McKinley, North America (6.195 m)
• Aconcagua, South America (6.962 m)
• Mount Everest, Nepal (8.848 m)

Originally, it was the lure of captivating mountains which led Theo Fritsche across all the continents. Today, he focuses on worthwhile causes inspired by his many encounters with native populations and first-hand encounters with poverty, mainly in Nepal. Due to his own initiative and efforts, two schools have now been built there, and further projects are being planned. All earnings from his presentations are donated to these projects.

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